Day Seven of a Seven Day Devotional for Ex-Gays

it gets better

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  - Jeremiah 29:11


No matter what we go through in this lifetime, it will most certainly get better if we acknowledge Christ as our Savior. It might not seem so bright today, especially if you decide to take steps to leave this lifestyle and follow Christ.

Tomorrow the people you were best friends with today may no longer be in your life anymore, and that’s okay. It will get better. Your reward will come. I’m not talking about going viral or winning some glamorized award that this time next year no one will even remember. I’m talking about living a story and a journey that will impact the heavens. Think about this. Look all around the music industry, throughout Hollywood, even look at the CEO at your job. Do these people impact heaven? For most, the answer is no!

What we are currently experiencing is unlike the crack epidemic or the AIDS epidemic. The proliferation of sexual sin is at an unprecedented level. Men and women are marrying sex dolls. Children are swapping genders.  People now pretend to be animals online for the sexual desire of others. Increased trafficking of children for sex is a global issue. We live in a society ready to bring all the things I just mentioned to the mainstream – to be promoted, encouraged, accepted, and applauded. That’s the bad news.

The great news? You have a unique opportunity to do something that so few are willing to do or are afraid to do – stand!  You have a chance to stand amid spiritual conflict we have never seen before. Your story has the opportunity to be heard above the filth. Do you know what kind of reward you will get for doing so? There’s no Grammy, mansion, or any Oscar award that will compare to the reward you will get once you get to heaven. The impact you will have made on God’s kingdom is immeasurable. 

After these seven days, where are you? More importantly, do you want out? If so, the doors open.  All it takes is that first step. God bless and be with you!