Day Five of a Seven Day Devotional for Ex-Gays

Dealing w/bullying & cancel culture

For it is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. - 1 Peter 3:17


Shortly after being eliminated from BET Sunday Best, a gentleman stumbled upon my testimony and wrote angrily on the internet, “Can someone please cancel this ——?”

I remember sitting in my studio and joking aloud, “BET canceled me after the first episode!”

Sometimes that’s how you have to deal with the vile, insulting, and hurtful comments that come your way because of your testimony. You learn to laugh and move on. What happens when you can’t laugh? Maybe you’re like me, and you have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people coming at you at the same time. I recall so many people telling me I should die, I should kill myself, or the world hated me. How does one deal with this foolishness? Well, today’s verse assures us that this type of suffering is good – although it doesn’t feel like it.

The first few years that I told my testimony, I dealt with angry gays but most left me alone after a while. Soon I was faced with angry Christians who felt I didn’t fit their mold. To this day, my most vocal critics and the people who seem to cut me the deepest are not gay people but are church people. It is what it is. I won’t let either group – angry gays or judgmental Christians – bring me down. I don’t respond to their comments, and I’ve quietly removed my messaging feature on Facebook so they can no longer contact me. I refuse to allow a cloud of darkness to come over my life because of people. At some point, I realized I wasn’t fighting people but was engaged in a battle with Satan over my soul!

Where are you in your walk against the enemy? Are you confrontational? Are you always responding to comments that have no basis or merit? If so, why? Do you honestly believe you are going to be able to change a reprobate mind? Honestly, your time is best spent on more constructive things. All of the energy that I could spend defending my testimony is better spent on things like this devotional or posting videos on YouTube to help people that want to be helped.

Satan doesn’t play fair. He has the numbers in this world, but what he does not have is God’s power! He does not have the power of healing or restoration. Satan only destroys and ruins those who allow him access. Well, I’m not allowing it. He’s done enough harm in my life, and he will no longer have dominion over me, my behavior, or even my choices. Today is an excellent day to short circuit Satan’s power in your life! Do not hesitate. Your next level with God awaits!