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An Ex-LGBT Testimony of Deliverance from Sexual Sin


ex-lesbian for Jesus

The LGBT lifestyle was my entire being for two decades.  I wore gay pride and boxer shorts – Armani was my favorite cologne.

Gay clubs, gay TV networks, gay documentaries, gay churches and a gay marriage – I did all that before it was the hot ticket to IG fame.  Still, a crippling neurological condition incapacitated me both physically and spiritually in the prime of my life. I knew God was calling me back into His arms.

While broken and lost, my process began in a parking lot on Dec. 31, 2009, around midnight.  In total, I spent nearly 22 years in bondage – most of my life – but I’m free now.  It was a process.  – Montreea

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OUT: Seven Day Devotional for Ex-LGBT

The walk with Christ is rewarding yet tedious and though intimate, it can be solitary.  What you need is power.  That power is found in the Word of God!  Let it be a light unto your path and a lamp for your feet.  It’s not about having all of the answers.  It’s about your faith and submission coupled with His grace and mercy.  Let’s dive into what God has in store for you!

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